Eee PC 901

eee pc 901

Eee PC 901

The Asus Eee P901 is the continuation of the highly acclaimed Eee PC 900. The 901 features a range of improvements designed to allow the Eee PC range of netbooks to compete with devices launched by competitors such as Samsung, Dell and Toshiba. Asus have continued their trend of producing high quality standards combined with a low cost, for you, the buyer. This has enabled to 901 to remain one of the cheapest devices on the market.

Retailer Price In Stock
From £238.97 Yes
From £285.00 Yes
From £238.97 Yes
From £264.83 Yes
From £261.87 Yes
From £249.99 Yes

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Click on the 901 image on the top right of this page to go to a listing of the best Eee PC 901 deals currently available on the internet. The landing page contains Asus netbook deals from well known suppliers of quality goods - a ringing endorsement for Asus. As with previous versions of the EEE, Asus have produced a sub-notebook capable of meeting the demands of users on the go. For more information, check out the specifications page.

Asus have even retained the now familiar Windows XP Home and Linux variants which makes your upgrad decision so much more easier. Simply buy your new Eee PC 901, transfer your data and settings to your new notebook and start working. you easily transfer data from your home PC, work on the move then copy it back to your PC or storage for ease of access. XP Home Edition on the Eee PC 901 is fully compatible will installations on any other computers you have

Asus Eee PC 901 pricing

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Make sure the click the image link on the top right of this page - the best deals on the web. You'll have to hurry, some of these deals are time limited and the prices will go back up soon. Be sure sure to check out our Eee PC 901 accessories page for more information on available accessories.

Eee PC 901 - Budget sub-notebook

The Eee PC 901 has been designed and built with portability in mind. By combining an extremely small chassis with an 8.9" screen Asus have managed to a notebook into a device that fits in your hand. For detailed information check out Eee PC 901 specifications page.

Eee PC 901 Customer Reviews

Can't make your mind up? Be sure to read our customer for more information - Eee PC 901 reviews.

Eee PC 901 pricing

As with the 900, pricing on the Eee PC 901 varies massively; some retailers will offer you free delivery or even bundle in a few extra accessories whilst applying a higher price to the overall deal. That's why NOW is the best time to buy. The retailers listed on this site have been posted not only because they're the cheapest but also because they offer the best deals on the web.
So, don't delay - check out the prices from a range of well known retailers and pick up the best deals currently availabel on the internet. The sooner you do, the sooner you'll be enjoying your new Eee PC 901!